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First LevelUp Racing School is huge success

We conducted our first event with LevelUp Racing School Dec 18-19 at Atlanta Motorsports Park. The instructors, Steve Debrecht, Keith Watts, Terry Earwood, and Peter Stolz, were exceptional in getting the drivers acclimated and up to speed with their knowledge and experience.

Our new Spec MX-5 cars ran flawlessly. Look for the next school to be announced soon, coming in February to a track in the Southeast.

Runoffs Recap

We just returned from the 2017 SCCA Runoffs at Indy. What a great event!


It was a huge success for our client Tray Ayres, who claimed his first National Championship winning SRF3 in a field of 101 cars! As a team we got to kiss the bricks as part of the celebration. Todd Lamb qualified 4th and finished 8th in SRF3.

Andy Devoto showed everyone on the test days that the 1.6 Spec Miata can still hold its own, putting in the 8th fastest time on Sunday.

Senter Smith had a great showing in his new Speedwerks VVT build, starting 39th and finishing 29th in the 90+ Spec Miata field.

Steve Sturm made the big show in Spec Miata by way of the Last Chance Qualifying race.

Matt Reynolds qualified in 4th and had a good run for the opening laps in SM until contact slowed his progress.

Our Spec Boxster qualified 2nd in T3 with Todd Lamb at the wheel, but unfortunately he and the polesitter were knocked out of the race on the first lap by an over-ambitious driver.

 It was great to see many of our racing friends stop by, including Tim Weaver, Jeff VanBendegom, and Tom Brown.


Sebring PCA Club Race

We’ve finally recovered from a fun filled weekend at the Porsche Club Race at Sebring. Our two new Spec Boxster builds were completed in record time. Topher Everett piloted his red #29 to a victory in the fun race – his first PCA race weekend in his new car with an awesome graphics scheme a la Porsche. We copied his livery for our black #84 shop car, with Todd Lamb taking the win in the enduro in our other new build. PCA puts on very fun, laid back events, catered to the customers (drivers). Race with us or stop by our paddock at the upcoming Road Atlanta PCA race April 1-2.

Video from the enduro:

Topher’s writeup on the weekend:

Porsche Club Summit Point Recap

We had an amazing weekend at Summit Point with Porsche Club. THREE wins with our Spec Boxster and a Worker’s Choice award! Missed the track record by .018 seconds. We delivered Hunt McMahon’s new Spec Boxster and he had a fantastic weekend with multiple podium finishes. Thanks to everyone for a great weekend – especially our crew who worked long hours to get everything done on time!

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Spec Boxster – new for 2016: Porsche/PCA racing

We’ve just received a Porsche donor car for a Spec Boxster build. This car will be built to PCA Club Racing rules, which restrict the modifications to the car much like Spec Miata. We will strip the car, cage it, install new suspension components and lots of extra coolers, and then it will be campaigned in the SPB (Spec Boxster) class at PCA/NASA events. It will also be able to run in SCCA and PBOC, so we expect plenty of track time for the car. The fields are upwards of 30 cars at some events. Cost will be around $45k for a full build. We plan to build 3 of these over the winter, so if you’re interested get your order in ASAP.


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New build on podium at June Sprints

Our latest build was completed and headed to the June Sprints at Road America for its debut. We’re happy to report the car ran very well and finished second in its first race.




Here’s a look at the build (click photos to enlarge).

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Latest SM Build in Progress

May 2015 BuildAtlanta Speedwerks’ latest build is in progress – a 1999 Spec Miata. We have stripped the tub and completed the cage in-house. The car is in the paint booth and will begin assembly early next week, complete with our in-house Speedshift Transmission, East Street engine, and AiM system among other go-fast parts. The car will make its debut at the June Sprints in Elkhart Lake, WI with our very own Todd Lamb behind the wheel to defend his June Sprints win from 2014.

Now is the time to begin planning for next season. We have a growing list of builds for next season. Reserve your place in line today!