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    Performance Upgrades

    Sometimes, OEM power just isn’t quite enough when you’re cruising your favorite backroad. Fortunately, Atlanta Speedwerks is here to make that happen for you. With over 50 years of racing experience, we’ve honed the art and science of squeezing the final bits of power and grip out of a car. That expertise is now available to you in the form of full-service, turn-key, performance upgrade services.

    We’ve prepared more than 50 cars for the track over the years. Our aim is to combine this experience with our personal touch to help you build the car that best suits your automotive needs. Whether that means fitting wider tires to maximize your contact patch for that one corner, or a full engine overhaul to make those highway on-ramps just a bit more thrilling, we’ll find and fit the perfect components to make your car the driving machine that you know it is.

    In addition to your performance upgrade, we offer the following complimentary services:

    • Accessory Fluids Check
    • Tread Wear Pattern Analysis
    • Tire Pressure Check
    • Brake Pad Wear Inspection
    • Courtesy Detail

    If you’d like something more than a bit more street performance, take a look at our Track Day services, where we can take your driving experience to the next level with a driving experience on a closed track where you can channel your inner speed-demon.

    Speedwerks’ Service

    Atlanta Speedwerks is unique in that we offer the ability to care for your car like no one else can. From oil changes and brake pads, to coilovers and engine swaps, we can make your car whatever you’d like it to be. What’s more though, is that we can even help you get on track and experience your cars true potential.