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AiM LearnFast data acquisition seminars

On Oct 31 & Nov 1 ATLspeedwerks hosted two AiM LearnFast data acquisition seminars. Roger Caddell conducted the seminars, which covered both the practical side of data acquisition, and also advanced techniques (suspension analysis, driver analysis, vehicle health, etc). Attendees worked with real data and the latest AiM software to gain a solid understanding of data analysis.017ceb8a72b30eb46a20969f4161c74540a15cecca 01974da969406c900c80d4e471192352eb4072f88a 0107210fc7cc6c651c5a82cca3d5334438249acd44

New build on podium at June Sprints

Our latest build was completed and headed to the June Sprints at Road America for its debut. We’re happy to report the car ran very well and finished second in its first race.




Here’s a look at the build (click photos to enlarge).

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AIM Data Acquisition Systems


Atlanta Speedwerks is now a dealer for AIM data acquisition systems. If you want to upgrade your existing system, add sensors*, or need a complete install, we’re here to help!

AIM recently released their latest dashes and cameras. We have the MXL2 systems in stock as well as the SmartyCam HD.2 cameras. Excellent quality and performance. We install them in our new builds.

Full systems (including camera) with installation and sensors for $4999.

*Sensor examples:

  • Brake pressure
  • Throttle position
  • Steering angle
  • Oil pressure
  • Water temperature
  • Wideband O2 (air/fuel ratio)
  • Shock travel
  • Ride height
  • Tire temp