Driver Coaching

Professional driver coaching gives you the advantage over your competitors.

Todd Lamb coaching Roger Burdette of TraqGear

Todd Lamb coaching Roger Burdette of TraqGear

The most successful drivers realize that spending time focusing on driving skills will get them to the front of the field quicker than spending money on their car. There is much more to driving than just fast lap times – driving is a mental game and by acting and reacting correctly in the car you can avoid incidents, plan ahead for passes, and work towards consistently quick laps.



“Todd Lamb, my co-driver (Rolex GT series), helped me between practice and qualifying to really get the esses right (at VIR), and I think that’s where we made up most of our time to get the pole. Which is the first pole for me and for Racer’s Edge.”


“Thanks so much Todd! The information you came prepared to share with me was invaluable. I have spent thousands of dollars on improving my car, and those improvements have not compared with the improvements that you were able to produce from within me! Your analysis of my data and my driving was spot on – as you left I wondered where my racing would be had I hired you a year earlier. In three days you changed not only how I view racing, but how I view myself as a racer. I have added confidence as well as a new understanding of how to prepare myself mentally for a race. I still have much to work on and were it not for your coaching I would not even know where to start. I now have a list of things to make part of my routine, all of which will make me more consistent and faster! Thanks so much for everything – I look forward to the next time we partner together to enhance my performance!”


“Between my family and job there are huge time constraints so I needed to make the most of the days I spent at the track. Getting a coach was a short term investment that would pay dividends in the long run. Todd Lamb had great credentials behind his racing career and was also an automotive engineer so I knew he would be able to help not only with driving but car setup.

I did a Friday test and tune on my own at Road Atlanta, managing to run a 1:53. Saturday morning was my first coaching session with Todd – we went over some basics of car safety/setup and my goals for the weekend. After my first session we looked over data/video. Todd was able to explain things to me in a very clear/concise way. Prior to each session we set clear obtainable objectives and ways to execute them on the track.We repeated this process both Saturday and Sunday and the time steadily dropped until I ran a 1:48 flat. So with Todd’s coaching I went a full FIVE SECONDS faster than I did on my own! More important than lap time I developed skills that will translate to other tracks and understanding as to why certain techniques are successful and others are not. He also helped me to safely explore the limits of the car and step outside of my comfort zone that had developed with HPDE’s much faster than I would have been able to on my own.

In retrospect I am really glad I made the decision to work with Todd and will continue to do so in the future. If you are debating working with a driving coach I would say go for it as it’s time and money well spent. No matter what your goals or skill level you will improve.


Todd coaches drivers to improve their consistency, equipment conservation, race strategy, and lap times.
Private 1-on-1 coaching in:


  • Consistency
  • Qualifying flyer laps
  • Car setup
  • Data analysis
  • Video analysis
  • Race strategy
  • Tire management
  • Working traffic in other classes
  • Passing
  • Learning new tracks
  • Overcoming mental obstacles in the car
  • Safety


  • Any type of track-ready car – racecar or street vehicle, any horsepower
  • Traqmate, AIM, Motec, DL1, or similar data acquisition system
  • In-car camera with view of driver’s hands and track

Pricing is based on location, driver skill level, number of days, and goals.

Video/data reviews after a race weekend are also an option.
Discounts are available for multiple drivers from the same team.

See the contact page to reserve your coaching session today!

Driving Coach Todd Lamb – qualifications:

  • Mechanical EngineerIMG_5453
  • Experienced with data systems: MoTeC, Traqmate, DL1, AIM, Pi
  • Familiar with most tracks in North America
  • 20+ years racing experience
  • 2015 12hrs NJMP overall winner, Watkins Glen Majors winner x2 with 2 poles
  • 2014 12hrs NJMP overall winner, 2014 13hrs of VIR overall winner
  • 2012 World Challenge Touring Car Championship driver
    • 4 wins (Laguna Seca, Mid Ohio, Sonoma, Miller), 2nd in championship
  • 2010 MAZDASPEED driver – Rolex GT and Conti Tire ST: Mazda RX8 3 rotor, Mazdaspeed3
  • 2007-2009 Grand Am driver – Koni Challenge: BMW M3, Acura Integra, Chevy Cobalt
  • 2009 Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup Champion – 8 wins, 7 poles in 9 races
  • 2008 Spec Miata National Champion
  • 2008 13 Hours winner
  • 2007 Spec Miata National Champion
  • 2007 25 Hours winner

Some recent results by clients:

  • Tray Ayres, Runoffs Champion 2017 in SRF3
  • Brian Linn, Runoffs winner 2015 in HP

    Brian Linn wins HP!

    Brian Linn wins HP at Runoffs, Daytona 2015!

  • Tray Ayres, Runoffs 2nd place 2015 in SRF3
  • Ted Cahall, first career win, multiple personal best laps at 6 different tracks
  • Topher Everett, first career win, personal best laps and finishes
  • Tyson Schwiesow, personal best laps
  • Mike Collins, Majors win
  • Craig Berry, Majors win
  • Spencer Patterson, personal best laps
  • Luis Gavignano, personal best laps





Tray Ayres 2nd in SRF3

Tray Ayres 2nd in SRF3