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How quickly can you get my car in for service?

Once you call us to book an appointment, we can provide available dates and a general idea of how long it may take to properly assess the car and perform any service or repairs. Given the current global supply chain challenges, parts delays are possible. 

How often should I have my car inspected or prepped for track days?

Your car should be inspected and prepped for EVERY track weekend. The track is a harsh environment compared to driving on the street and things wear much faster. Brake pads and rotors wear quickly, brake fluid needs flushed regularly to maintain proper brake performance, suspension alignment gets knocked out with curbing and off-track excursions, and fluids such as oil, coolant, and transmission generally see much higher temperatures. 

What upgrades do you recommend to improve on-track performance?

We believe in safety first. A rollbar, 6-point harnesses, driver safety equipment, helmet with HANS device, and fire suppression system are the first things we recommend.  

After that, brake pads designed for the extreme braking temperatures seen on track, as well as a full brake fluid flush.

From there you’ve got a safe vehicle to start adding performance modifications to. Intake, exhaust, bigger brakes, grippier tires, suspension upgrades (shocks, springs, swaybars), and the list goes on from there!

What forms of payment do you take?

We use secure pay links by Quickbooks/Intuit for all invoices. This is an electronic funds transfer similar to an e-check/EFT. We also accept checks. These payment methods avoid having to pass along credit card fees. However, if you prefer, we do take VISA/MC/AMEX by adding a 3% convenience fee.

How long does it take to install a rollcage, and what’s the cost?

Typically it takes two weeks from the time we start. We custom cut, bend, notch, and weld each cage in-house to ensure a perfect fit. Pricing for a custom cage starts at $4500 (pricing as of 5/2022)

Is there a charge for storage?

We store vehicles long-term for $150/mo (pricing as of 5/2022). We do not charge a storage fee during the months that we are working on a vehicle.

Is there a charge to look at my car?

Normally we charge a $150 diagnostic fee, and for Porsche vehicles that we plug into our state of the art PIWIS programming tool we charge an additional $100. Pricing as of 5/2022.

Do you do track inspections?

Yes – we perform full track inspections for just about any track day organization.

Can you transport my car to the track?

Yes we have two semi-trucks that haul cars to racetracks all over the country. We typically visit several bucket list destination tracks every year. Examples include Watkins Glen, COTA, and Road America. Contact us for space availability for those events. 

How do I get started in racing?

The best bet would be to call and talk to our in-house driver coach and professional racer, Todd Lamb, to discuss your needs, goals, budget, and type of racing you’d like to do. Todd has 40+ years in motorsports and has “done it all” in the racing world. He can advise you on the best path for your situation.

Can I take my daily driver on track?

The short answer is yes, just about any vehicle can be driven on track. We’ve seen everything from a Toyota Yaris to a Chrysler minivan on track. The key is to make sure the vehicle has been prepped for the track, and to understand that there are certain limitations your daily driver will have. 

Can I get insurance for my car while it is on track?

Read your existing policy first and talk to your insurance company. Many will not cover damage while on track. However, there are several companies, such as Hagerty, that offer track day coverage for your vehicle while on track.

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