Our Story

Atlanta Speedwerks provides a top quality service. This means we pay very close attention to detail when it comes to preparing cars for the track. We go above and beyond to make sure there are no mechanical issues with each and every car we prep or build.

We provide a high level of very specialized trackside service to a small number of clients.




Todd Lamb prior to the 24 Hours, driving for Mazda

Todd Lamb prior to the 24 Hours, driving for Mazda

Todd Lamb – Owner/Coach

Professional racer Todd Lamb handles business management, driver coaching, and car setups. Todd has over 37 years of racing experience with many podiums and championships (World Challenge, IMSA Rolex GT, Continental Tire Series GS/ST, MX-5 Cup), a mechanical engineering degree, and the proven coaching ability to help drivers find the speed they are looking for. When not doing something related to racing, Todd gets the shakes and suffers from withdrawal – approach with caution.






brianBrian Zellner – Shop Manager

Experienced mechanic Brian Zellner is the shop manager and 2019 Mechanic of the Year in the Global MX-5 Cup series, handling all aspects of making sure cars are prepped safely & reliably. Brian has built numerous championship winning cars and brings a wealth of mechanical and fabrication knowledge. A graduate of the Jake Raby/Flat 6 Innovations Porsche engine building class, Brian can often be found cursing in German while reassembling M96 and M97 engines.