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    Brakes & Suspension Repair

    We’ve all been there. Whether a mechanical failure, hitting a curb, or an accident, the result is the same. Let us get you back on the road and enjoying your car like nothing happened. We’ll ensure that your car is fully repaired, safe, and ready for those twisting backroads again.

    Brake Repair

    Brakes are the single most important system on your car. Brake failures are dangerous and can be catastrophic for even the best drivers. If your brakes are feeling less than ideal, you should always have them checked before it becomes a major safety issue. Symptoms of brake system malfunctions can include grinding noises, a stuttering or pulsating brake pedal at low speeds, or an increase in pedal travel required for braking.

    Porsches specifically will alert you to most braking issues via your ABS light or the Pad Wear Indicator Brake light. If these lights are on, or things just don’t feel quite right, don’t hesitate to get your brake system checked.

    Schedule your appointment today, and we’ll have you back on the road with a firm, smooth, and responsive pedal in no time.

    Suspension Repair

    Your suspension is a staple of your driving experience. Whether you prefer a smooth and luxurious ride that keeps you stable on even the roughest of roads, or the sharpest, most responsive ride available to keep you planted on those highway on-ramps, your suspension is a key part of what makes your drive enjoyable.

    Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common issues that you’ll experience with your car. If you’ve ever felt a certain corner of your car is feeling softer or stiffer than usual, you’re likely dealing with a developing suspension issue. These issues can be dangerous in defensive driving situations when one corner of the car could be the difference between a deep breath and an accident.

    Schedule an appointment today to get your car feeling as well as it did when you pulled out of the lot, and keep it in top shape for whatever the road might throw your way.

    In addition to your repair service, we offer the following complimentary services:

    • Accessory Fluids Check
    • Tread Wear Pattern Analysis
    • Tire Pressure Check
    • Brake Pad Wear Inspection
    • Courtesy Detail

    If you’d like something more than getting back on the road, take a look at our Performance Upgrade services, where we can take your driving experience to the next level with some modifications that fit your specific goals for your driving experience.

    Speedwerks’ Service

    Atlanta Speedwerks is unique in that we offer the ability to care for your car like no one else can. From oil changes and brake pads, to coilovers and engine swaps, we can make your car whatever you’d like it to be. What’s more though, is that we can even help you get on track and experience your cars true potential.