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470 Woodsmill Rd, STE E, Gainesville, GA 30501

Our History

A Reputation 8 Years in the Making

After decades of pro racing and driver coaching, founder Todd Lamb needed a shop to support his clients. With an entrepreneurial background and a degree in engineering, Todd decided to tackle the need himself by hiring a mechanic and opening a shop. In 2014, Todd hired Brian Zellner, and both walked into an empty 5,000sqft shop to start Atlanta Speedwerks on November 1st of 2014. Originally a race team offering SCCA Spec Miata track support and shop services, Atlanta Speedwerks has grown to 20,000sqft and fields cars in numerous events, including IMSA, track days, SCCA/NASA, Porsche Club Racing, and more.

We are quickly growing and have leveraged the same care and precision that has brought us so much success on the race track to service some of the finest road-going cars in the country. We’re looking forward to helping put a smile on your face when you leave the shop with a car that has that little something special added to it.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to share our passion for performance driving by providing the most enjoyable experiences possible in every paddock that we visit and with each and every car that we service or upgrade. 

Our Vision

Our aim is to be the one-stop shop to develop and support drivers from track days, to club racing, and even on the pro circuit, as well as to provide our expertise to the road-going public to make your driving experience as satisfying as possible.

Core Values
  • Commitment to the Customer Experience
  • Attention and Dedication to Detail
  • Passion for Automotive Performance


Speedwerks’ Service

Atlanta Speedwerks dedicates itself to top-class automotive service on every car that we service, and every driver that we support.

Contact Us

Motorsport Consultation

There is nothing we love more than introducing new drivers to the world of performance driving. Give us a call to see how we cansupport your track dreams becoming reality.

Affordable Prices

We guarantee that we’ll beat any dealership quote or we’ll match it. As a specialist garage, we know that we can provide a premiere service experience without a premiere price tag.

Aftermarket Support

We want to share our passion with the automotive community. We specialize in aftermarket performance parts and ensuring that your build is everything that you want your car to be.


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Whether you want to get on track, or need a simple brake job, we’re happy to help you understand exactly what your service will entail.


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