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Porsche PDK Rebuilds and Repairs

Porsche PDK Rebuilds and Repairs

Are you having issues with your Porsche PDK transmission? Is the dealer telling you that you need to buy a new transmission?

Atlanta Speedwerks is one of just a handful of shops in the US that can rebuild or repair your PDK. We have many satisfied customers using our rebuilt transmissions on the street and the track with thousands of miles of use.

Speedwerks offers full rebuild services, making your PDK better than new. We can install new heavy duty clutches for cars with horsepower modifications, and fix common wear problems. We also fix the dreaded distance/position sensor issue that is cropping up more frequently as the cars age.

997, 991, Cayman, Boxster, and other PDK equipped vehicles that are exhibiting gearbox faults car send the car into limp mode, rendering it undriveable. Many times it will not shift into reverse, and will only have certain gears available. This can be due to a faulty distance sensor or displacement sensor within the PDK transmission itself. The message you will have seen on your dash display will read, “Transm. fault. Poss. no R gear. Drive on poss.”

We can repair your PDK transmission instead of buying a new one, at much less cost. The distance / position sensor failure is typically indicated by codes:

  • P1731
  • P1732
  • P1733
  • P1734
  • P1735

 And, sometimes other 17xx errors.

  • Car is undrivable or in limp mode
  • Dash message “Gearbox fault…”
  • OBD codes 1731,1732,1733,1734,1735 and some 17Dx
  • OBD errors “Shift rod N displacement sensor”
  • Dealer/Shop diagnosed “distance (or position) sensor failure”

Contact us today to discuss your PDK issue and we can provide a written estimate for repairs.

Todd Lamb